Acetates-Other Companies

These studios had high quality material and facilities to master the tape professional.
Prices were high to made an acetate there.
So these were more for the artists which were in contract of the record company's.
The prices were too high for the DJ's to make a single copy, so they must go to Sunshine sound or the other ones.
The most famous one is Frankford/Wayne.
Mostley you can see in the ending of the wax the text "Mastered at frankford/Wayne Studios" or on the label of the vinyl.
Nicest thing of some acetates is that some mixes on acetates never were issued commercial.
Here are some pictures of them:

Remix of the Jimmy Ross song:First True Love Affair

Kat Mandu-The Break (Test pressing)

Here is an Acetate with a mix from the SOS band which was never issued on any vinyl record.

Test pressing of this track.

Rare Promo only version of this track.


Acetates were not only used for the artists itself, but were also used as promo disc for discjockeys to promote the song in the Disco.
Here are some pictures of some:

Test pressing of this Disconet Issue.

Bunny Sigler-This acetate was later issued under the name:By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You).


Here is a example of a acetate gift to a DJ:
Here is a record Larry Levan got from the record company.
Mostley the name is written on the cover (See scan-Larry Levan Exclusive).

Here are some acetates which were owned by Larry Levan.
First two pictures are from the song:When You Touched Me-by Taana Gardner.
This is the first mix by Kenton Nix which was never issued on any record.
This version was send to Larry so he could remix it.

This picture is the Acetate with the mix Larry Levan made and was issued on the 12" and Album.

Rare acetate remix of the south west record pool.


Track from Side Effect which was meant to be the B-side of the Always There track.
But that wasn't done, so this track is only issued on acetate.


Walter Gibbons did some own acetate mixes which he uses at DJ Gigs:

10 minute edited medley mixed by Walter Gibbons

Unreleased version of Hit And Run from Walter Gibbons